S3 National Implementation Framework

Montenegro has created a framework for the implementation of innovations and smart specialisation based on the proposal of the Directorate-General Joint Research Centre (DG JRC) of the European Commission, taking into account the particularities of the Montenegrin ecosystem.

The framework includes the following institutions:

Government of Montenegro

The executive branch of power, which comprises the highest political representatives and makes the most significant decisions related to the implementation of S3. The government’s decisions are based on the conclusions of the strategic advisory body – the Council for Innovation and Smart Specialisation.

Inter-institutional S3 Group

The management and coordination body for inter-agency cooperation chaired by the Ministry of Science and Technological Development, which is committed to the daily implementation of S3. The inter-institutional S3 group reports to the Government on its activities.

Council for Innovation and Smart Specialisation

A key advisory body of the Government that, in accordance with the Law, manages innovation activity through cooperation among state administration bodies, local self-government units, businesses and other entities. The Council is responsible to:

  • Propose to the Government policies and strategies governing the field of innovation and technological development in Montenegro;
  • Provide opinion on proposed laws and other regulations governing innovation activity and other fields, which provide general conditions aimed at encouraging innovation activity and ensure the use of its results;
  • Monitor the implementation of strategies governing the field of innovation and technological development in Montenegro;
  • Identify programmes of general interest in the field of innovation and smart specialisation;
  • Cooperate with other councils and entities of the national innovation system;
  • Monitor activities of state administration bodies and other competent authorities and institutions within their efforts to determine investment priorities and implement measures defined by strategic development documents in the field of innovation, give opinions and propose coordination of instruments;
  • Propose national structure for implementation of the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Montenegro (2019-2024);
  • Review annual reports on implemented activities under the Smart Specialisation Strategy of Montenegro (2019-2024) and submit comments to the administration authority, i.e. to the authority responsible to coordinate the preparation of the report; and
  • Publicly promote the importance of innovation and smart specialisation for the overall social and economic development of Montenegro and improvement of citizen’s quality of life.
Organisational unit for S3/Secretariat

In addition to the administrative and professional support to the Council, it plays a key role in the coordination of all relevant target groups in the process, daily monitoring of S3 implementation, preparation of S3 reports, coordination of the S3 platform and preparation of various analyses, studies and other materials that make evidence-based policy making possible. Coordinates the work of Innovation Working Groups.

Council's innovation working groups

They facilitate the continuity of the Entrepreneurial Discovery Process. They are formed for each S3 priority area and composed of representatives of the relevant ministries, businesses, the scientific and research community and non-governmental sector.

The Innovation Fund of Montenegro

This Fund makes implementation of innovation policy possible by ensuring and spending funds to encourage innovation activity. Its aim is to significantly strengthen innovative entrepreneurship in the country, contribute to a more efficient implementation of the Smart Specialisation Strategy, and improve absorption capacities within efforts to attract EU funds and prepare for European Structural and Cohesion funds. The establishment of the Innovation Fund of Montenegro represents a significant step forward in strengthening the implementation framework for innovation and S3.

Innovation infrastructure entities

They play a very important role in strengthening the innovation and S3 ecosystem through direct participation in the implementation of S3 activities.

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre "Tehnopolis" Nikšić

It is one of the most important innovation facilities for the development of start-ups and entrepreneurship in Montenegro. As one of the key players in the innovation ecosystem, IEC “Tehnopolis” provides a number of infrastructure and support measures that enable opening of new companies and development of business operations based on new, innovative ideas and technologies.

Science and Technology Park of Montenegro

It was established to support and strengthen the potential of economic growth and development of Montenegro, through establishment and growth of companies/teams in high-technology business activities. It is focused on creation of a technological and development centre of Montenegro, which will provide adequate support to the improvement of innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Montenegro through various programmes and activities.

Cluster organisations

They play an increasingly important role in the innovation ecosystem, and after the decision of the Ministry of Economic Development from 2021, the cluster policy is fully focused on the smart specialisation priorities.

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