Information and Communication Technologies

2024 Vision

Digital Montenegro with the application of advanced ICT solutions in all sectors of the economy and developed IT awareness, which enables dynamic and proactive access to new and innovative technologies.

Sector Goals

• Improve competitiveness of ICT sector through innovation activities
• Strengthen digital economy

Information and communication technologies (ICT) in Montenegro have recorded a continuous trend of growth. Software engineering has developed significantly and there is an increasing number of small companies involved in the development of software and software products, as well as self-employed software engineers, freelancers, digital project managers, digital marketing managers, designers and other profiles, who get assignments in the global IT market. At the national level, ICT is developing in the context of improving information systems in the public administration, education, industry and healthcare in accordance with modern technological trends and the Industry 4.0 concept.

According to the 2019 Global Competitiveness Report, Montenegro ranks 57th on the use of ICT technologies, out of 141 countries. Montenegro ranks 6th on the import of ICT services and 36th on the export of ICT services (as a percentage of total trade). The current share of the ICT sector in GDP is 4.0% (Monstat, 2020).

All universities in Montenegro educate ICT professionals in the field of software engineering. There are three international operators of landline and mobile telephony in the country. They provide modern telecommunications infrastructure, as a basis for the development of the sector, economy and society in general, and invest seriously in innovation activities. In general, the business sector is the main initiator of innovation activities in the ICT sector. The rapid growth of ICT, thanks to the multidisciplinary approach, has triggered innovations in other business sectors as well.

Focus areas and technologies

  • Telecommunications;

  • Software engineering.

With Potential
  • New generation communication technologies (5G, SDN, NFV, GNSS, etc.);

  • IoT (Internet of things);

  • Virtual reality, augmented reality (VR/AR), 3D;

  • Digital transformation (ERP systems, e-commerce, financial technologies, GIS etc.);

  • Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies;

  • Big Data, Cloud – services;

  • Video games;

  • Security of information systems;

  • Smart technologies (cities, buildings, etc.);

  • Green ICT (emission reduction, energy saving, etc.);

  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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